Controller revolution? You will soon be able to control Xbox games by bike

Gambling and staying fit at the same time: A new exercise bike can be connected to the Xbox Series X | S and used as a kind of full-body controller. Unfortunately, the fitness bike will not be cheap – it will probably cost significantly more than the console itself.

The Muoverti Tiltbike is a new exercise bike with which you can ride a bike in your own four walls. But unlike other fitness bikes, you can also do it connect to your Xbox Series X | S and use it as a controller. The Tiltbike is due to appear in 2022.

Xbox: bike controller for fitness fans

With the Muoverti Tiltbike comes 2022 a hot candidate for what is probably the most unusual controller – at least in this generation of consoles. The indoor bicycle should have all sorts of advanced technology such as frame rotation and tilt, which should convey a particularly realistic riding experience. In addition, the bike has built-in joysticks in the handlebars, with which you can play games.

Check out the trailer for the Tiltbike in the video here:

As can be seen in the YouTube video, the Muoverti Tiltbike can be connected to an Xbox Series X | S and appropriately as a controller for the cycling game Descendersthat is currently available in Game Pass Membership. (Source: PureXbox)

Gaming bike: Release 2022, price still unknown

More detailed information on the release and price of the tilt bike is currently not yet publicly available – but the indoor bike is supposed to be in terms of price at the upper end of the Smartbike range. Thus, a price in the range of 2,500 euros and beyond could be quite realistic.

In addition, it is also not yet known whether the bike can control other games on the Xbox in addition to dedicated cycling games such as Descenders.

In our photo gallery we show you the 15 most bizarre controllers in video game history:

The Muoverti Tiltbike should connect to the Xbox Series X | S and function as an unusual full-body controller. More detailed information is currently scarce, but the indoor bike should go on sale in 2022.

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