Could also get a free-to-play spin-off one day

The “Battlefield” series will have a completely new full-price offshoot in a few weeks. However, EA CEO Andrew Wilson thinks that one day you could develop a free-to-play title into a shooter brand.

“Battlefield 2042”, the latest offshoot of the shooter series for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC will be released in two weeks. Even if Electronic Arts and DICE have completely concentrated on a multiplayer this time and have foregone a campaign, players will still be charged full price.

Free-to-play would make sense in the long run

At a time when especially battle royale shooters such as “Fortnite”, “Call of Duty: Warzone” and EA’s in-house “Apex Legends” are offered to gamers free of charge, “Battlefield 2042” follows a classic economic path. In the most recent Financial conference EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that one day a corresponding free-to-play title for “Battlefield” could appear.

The aim is to expand all of the company’s major brands in terms of how they play, so that players have more options for consuming the content. So said Wilson:

“When we think about all of our games and our big blockbuster brands like Apex, like FIFA, like Madden, like Battlefield, like The Sims, then we think about innovation and creativity at its core, and how we’re building that into the game modalities . ‘How do we think about it across platforms? How do we think about expanding these experiences? ‘ And the business model is only one piece of the puzzle. “

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According to Wilson, it would “probably make sense” if the “Battlefield” brand also received a corresponding free-to-play offshoot one day. However, no such title is currently being worked on, as the first thing to do is to “reinvent” the series. And the new “Battlefield 2042” with the new game modes such as “Portal” and “Hazard Zone” as well as battles with up to 128 players should represent this reinvention of the brand.

To what extent “Battlefield 2042” can convince both the players and the critics, we will find out from November 19, 2021 at the latest. The coming months will have to show whether this realignment will also increase the longevity of the brand.

Source: GameSpot

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