Dámaso López, alias the lawyer, would have been released; there are no records in the Federal Penitentiary Bureau

The drug dealer Dámaso López Núñez, aka Graduate, can no longer be located in the US Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmate finder.

This institution assigned the registration number 92429-083 at the end of February, with which it is no longer visible but The most worrying thing is that Randilee Giamusso, spokesperson for the BOP confirmed to Univision Noticias that the former partner by Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán He is no longer incarcerated at the minimum security USP Canaan Penitentiary in Wayne County, northeast Pennsylvania.

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This despite the fact that the life sentence of Dámaso López Núñez, alias el Licenciado, was reduced by a judge of USA, two days after the arrest of Emma Coronel, wife dEl Chapo Guzman.

Also according to records from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Lopez Nunez The 55-year-old had a scheduled release date of November 8, 2032.

Univisión Noticias, added that the attorney for Dámaso López, Manuel J. Renteria, who has offices located in Washington DC, refused to speak about his client. “In practice with clients I do not comment,” he said at the request of the chain.

Also, the chain said that in a reason that is not specified, the Bachelor was in the custody of the United States Marshals Corps (US Marshals), at a “local facility,” from February 7 to March 6, 2020, according to court documents. In addition, they have not yet responded if the Sinaloan capo was currently in any of his prisons or in his protected witness program.

The United States Department of Justice also did not issue a statement as to whether they had reduced the sentence to the Bachelor.

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