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Daniela, daughter of Héctor Parra, suspects that her sister suffered abuse by Ginny Hoffman’s husband

The actor Hector Parra is about to serve four months in preventive detention for the alleged crime of sexual abuse against her daughter Alexa, and although the investigation process is still ongoing, the case could be about to take a new turn. And it is that the actor’s eldest daughter, Daniela, suspects that the person who really he may have abused his sister is Ginny Hoffman’s husband.

During an interview with the program ‘Ventaneando’, the young woman shared how complicated the last months have been in which have had to work to generate sufficient income to meet his personal expenses and those of his father, who is imprisoned in the Oriente prison in Mexico City.

“It has cost me a lot of work, suddenly I spend all day crying. I haven’t had a very good time ”.

In addition to the legal process that she has had to go through with her father and sister, Daniela has been forced to receive psychological therapy in order to overcome the family breakdown.

But that was not all, as the 24-year-old confessed your suspicions about the possibility that your sister has suffered abuse as you have reported, but on the part of Alberto Ocampo, Ginny Hoffman’s partner, whom his sister has always rejected for some reason.

“All her life, since they got together, Alexa didn’t want to be in that house, in fact, at school, when they danced and stuff, she never wanted him to be that man.”

Daniela finds it incredible to hear that Alexa recognizes Ocampo as her father, when before she did not want to see him or be near him.

“It is very strange to me that until today the man has not even shown his face as the person in charge of Alexa and the woman’s husband. It seems very strange to me that his name does not even appear when precisely in the audio the rejection of Alexa towards that man is heard ”.

And he calls on the authorities to also investigate the partner of actress Ginny Hoffman, as he is concerned that his sister continues to live with him.

“I am very afraid that they have abused her, but that’s it, sir. Alexa is still in that house where they manipulated her and where she did not want to be with them and now she is forcibly locked there. It does worry me and I have come to think about it. How do I help you? How do I get it out of there?

It is worth mentioning that in October 2020 an audio was released in which Alexa Parra reproaches Ginny Hoffman for speaking ill of her father, Hector Parra, and mentions that the only person with whom he does not want to be or live is precisely his stepfather, Alberto Ocampo.

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