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Delete saved passwords in Microsoft Edge

It includes Microsoft Edge Browser Built-in password manager, which helps to save passwords for the most visited sites, and the tool allows you to enter registration data automatically every time you visit a previously saved site.

Delete saved passwords in Microsoft Edge

Storing passwords for sensitive or private accounts via the browser is impractical if you’ve accidentally saved a password for an important account or just want to delete an old one. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and click on the three lines on the top right.
  • From the menu that appears, click on the Settings option.
  • In the new tab, click on the Personal Accounts tab on the left side.
  • Click on the Passwords option on the right side.
  • Scroll down to view all previously saved passwords.

  • Check the box next to Saved Passwords that precedes the website name.
  • Click Delete at the top and enter the computer password if prompted.

Delete saved passwords in Microsoft Edge

How to edit saved passwords

If you recently updated a password on Microsoft Edge via another device, you can easily edit how data related to the saved password such as the site name or URL appears. To do this, follow these steps:

  • On the previous screen tap the three dots next to the website you want to edit.
  • From the menu that appears, select the Edit option, then enter your Microsoft account password to confirm the editing procedures.
  • In the pop-up window, edit the website name, username, or password, then tap Done to confirm and then close the window.

It is worth noting that if you do not want the tool to automatically save any password in the Microsoft browser, you can easily disable the tool.

This is done by returning to the main passwords page as we explained earlier. and then toggle the button next to Automatically save passwords to the off position.

Delete saved passwords in Microsoft Edge

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