Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Builds for the Amazon

Hardly any other class in Diablo 2: Resurrected can defeat bosses as quickly as the Amazon. With our build guide you will lead the spear fighter through all three levels of difficulty.

The Amazon has a somewhat sluggish start to the game in close combat, as you only unlock your first useful skill at level 6. As a long-range fighter, the Amazon already has useful skills at its disposal, for this you are dependent on a constant supply of arrows and mana potions in your inventory.

Beginner build to get started with the game (levels 1-30)

The Amazon can handle both her spears and the bow well. In the first few acts you mainly rely on the poison damage from poison javelin, later the area damage from exploding arrow is your best option.

Distribute your attributes and skill points up to level 30 as follows:

30 strength
30 skill
35 energy
All remaining points in vitality


2-3 Fire Arrow 4 Magic Arrow 5 – 6 Poison Javelin + Multiple Shot 7-11 Poison Javelin 12-30 Exploding Arrow + Fire Arrow

The first five levels are a little bulky, With the poison javelin you get a great skill for the first phase of the game from level 6. You can fight entire groups of enemies at once. To do this, you don’t have to open the poison skewer, but instead between Throw you and your opponents so that they run through the deadly poison cloud.

While using the Poison Javelin ability, you must equip a spear as a weapon. However, since the damage comes from your skills and not from your weapon, the normal spears from the first few minutes of the game are sufficient.

From level 12 you have access to the Exploding Arrow, which is your best option against groups and individual opponents for the rest of the normal difficulty level. The additional points in Fire Arrow continue to increase the damage of the Exploding Arrow thanks to the synergy of the two abilities.

Javazon: Engame build for the Amazon (level 30-99)

As soon as you reach level 30, you can reset your values ​​and skills and switch to the so-called Javazon. This build will take you to the endgame.

60 strength
45 skill
35 energy
All remaining points in vitality

Skill points

Critical Strike 1 Pierce 1 Pierce 1 Strike 1 Energy Strike 1 Poison Throw Pike 1 Lightning Strike 1 Charged Strike 13 Plague Pike 1 Lightning Doom 1

First distribute these 22 points. After that you will have some points left, that is by design. You can level up these points at the following levels Stick evenly in Pierce, Charged Strike and Lightning Doom until you reach Pierce 5.

Then bring the following skills to their maximum in this order:

Charged Strike Lightning Doom Lightning Strike Energy Strike

Optionally, you can also put 7 additional points into the following skills to unlock the Valkyrie. This can be conjured up as a companion at any time and thus becomes a lifesaver, especially in hardcore mode. If, on the other hand, you primarily play in a group, you don’t necessarily need the Valkyrie.

Skill points

Inner Vision 1 Evade 1 Slow Projectiles 1 Avoid 1 Decoy 1 Escape 1 Valkyrie 1

Play style of the Javazon Amazon

As a Javazon, you fully rely on two skills: Flashing disaster and Charged strike. You throw a lightning spear with lightning doom against groups of opponents. Thanks to the five points in piercing, lightning calamity will split into several spears and can thus trigger a chain reactionwho defeated an entire group with just one or two attacks.

Against individual enemies and bosses, Charged Strike is your best option. Unlike Lightning Doom, Charged Strike does not consume spears, so you can fight groups with Charged Strike in an emergency should your spear supplies run out.

You can refill your javelins by repairing your equipment in the camp. So you don’t need to buy new spears just because the supply is exhausted.

If you have unlocked a Valkyrie, you can summon it at any time and let it fight by your side. In difficult situations and boss fights there is also the ability decoy extremely useful for deflecting enemy damage.

Helpful rune words for the Amazon

Unfortunately, there are no spears that can be socketed in Diablo 2: Resurrected, but there are also a number of useful rune words for the Amazon that you can unlock early in the game. You can find an overview of all rune words in our guide.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazone Runeword


Level 21: Zephyr (LocationEth)


Level 21: Oath of the Ancestors (RalOrtTal) Level 29: Rhyme (ShaelEth) Level 25: Spirit (TalThulOrtAmn)


Level 17: Stealth (TalEth) Level 29: Peace (ShaelThulAmn)


Level 27: Lore (LocationSol)


Level 27: Insight (RalTirTalSol)

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