Disney + celebrates its anniversary: ​​offers for streaming – and beyond

Disney + is celebrating its second birthday. For the immodestly named Disney + Day, there are not only new content but also savings offers. The Disney group is going one step further than before, because customers are not only saving on the streaming service.

November 12th is bold on the Disney + calendar: Exactly two years ago, the streaming service was launched in the USA for the first time. To celebrate the day, you want customers donate some special features and win new prospects for yourself.

Disney + celebrates its birthday: monthly price drastically reduced to 1.99 euros

There is currently a monthly membership at Disney + at the saver price of 1.99 euros (watch it on Disney +). Disney grants the special price to new customers and those returning. Compared to the normal monthly price of 8.99 euros, this is a decent discount. But as I said, it only applies for one month, if you want to stay at Disney +, you pay more afterwards. The offer is valid up to and including November 14th.

In addition, various films and specials are starting, such as the latest Marvel film “Shang Chi” and “Jungle Cruise” with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson are moving from premium access to normal Disney + subscription. Customers no longer have to pay a surcharge. From 3 p.m. it will be Disney + first insights and trailers for upcoming projects present. If you want to be there live, check out Instagram, Twitter or Facebook in good time. More specials will be shown later in the day.

Disney fans can also use the weekend for Christmas shopping: From November 12th to 14th, there will be purchases No shipping costs in Disney’s online shop for merchandise items to (to Shopdisney).

At the same time, a discount campaign for selected products will run until November 15th at 9:00 am: With the code “MAGIC20” you will receive 20 percent discount from a purchase value of 50 euros. The online shop also offers you a 10 percent discount. On the promotion page you will find the discounted products in cooperation with Disney +. The code “DISNEYPLUSDAY” applies here.

Disney enters new markets: the value of digital collectibles explodes

Something extraordinary has been thought of in cooperation with the Veve app. You can display digital collectibles in the app. Disney now offers limited NFTs there. With a little luck, you can get the rare parts for the equivalent of 60 US dollars. Large parts are already out of stock and quickly snapped up – and will be traded for hundreds if not thousands of euros.

Is Disney + the right choice for you? Our comparison of the streaming services in the Video helps with the decision:

Disney should also want to bring some additional attention to its streaming service with the campaign, because Disney + is currently going through a downturn in viewers. Just this week Disney announced that the number of new customers is well below the hoped-for targets.

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