Disney + disappointed: Netflix is ​​running away from the streaming service

At Disney +, things are going to be more difficult than expected: According to new figures, nowhere near as many customers were won over by the streaming service as originally assumed. Missing film and series hits are considered the reason for the lack of interest. Netflix doesn’t have such problems.

Disney +: Less interest in streaming service than expected

After initial warnings from Disney boss Bob Chapek in September 2021, the confirmation follows. Disney + could last only significantly fewer new customers win than forecast. In the most recent fiscal quarter, only 2.1 million new subscribers were added. What doesn’t sound so bad at first glance, at Disney borders on a catastrophe. Originally, around 10 million new customers were expected in the quarter (source: Tagesschau).

After a great start and high marketing expenses, Disney owns + today around 118 million subscribers. Main competitor Netflix can refer to almost 214 million paying customers. In the last quarter, around 4.4 million new Netflix subscriptions were added – more than twice as many as with Disney +.

How does Disney + compare to Netflix? The answer is provided by the large streaming comparison in the Video:

The reason for the disappointing numbers is also quickly identified. What Disney + has to offer is ultimately more specific than that of the competition. Those who do not yet have an account should not necessarily opt for the streaming service in the future either. Real Highlights in series and films are also missing from the point of view of critics. Even before the start of Disney +, there was talk of an oversupply in the streaming area.

Disney: New profit after corona losses

Disney’s quarterly profit amounts to a modest 139 million euros, which is currently causing the share price to fall. Meanwhile they are Amusement parks and holiday resorts of the group reopened after Disney was hit hard by the corona pandemic.

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