DJI Makes Cine Camera with Focus Lidar

announced Drone manufacturer DJI has announced a cine camera with a built-in axis, which can shoot in resolutions up to 8K, and uses a LiDAR rangefinder that promises a sharper, faster and more reliable focusing experience even in low light.

The camera is called Ronin 4D. Although it is aimed directly at professionals. But it does come with several important features, and shows that DJI continues to develop its camera technology outside of drones.

Known as the Zenmuse X9, the Ronin 4D is a full-frame, interchangeable lens for DJI’s DL and Leica systems.

It includes 9 built-in ND filters to control your exposure to the sun. The 6K model can shoot in 6K at 60 fps and 4K at 120 fps. While the 8K model can shoot in 8K resolution at 75 frames per second.

The Zenmuse X9 can also shoot in RAW or 422HQ formats from ProRes, or H.264. And DJI’s Zenmuse cameras are mostly designed to fly in their drones. But the company said the Zenmuse X9 is specifically for the Ronin 4D.

The company says that the 6K version of Ronin 4D will be available in December, while the 8K version will be available at a later time.

There are also a slew of accessories coming, including a wireless monitoring system (which also allows remote control of camera settings and stabilizer movements, making the camera operator’s job easier) and a focus motor that even lets you adapt manual focus lenses to use a lidar system.

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DJI announces the Ronin 4D cinema camera

As for the integrated axle, the company says it’s capable of stabilizing along four axes (hence the name 4D), including up and down.

According to the company, this should help reduce bumps or camera shake from the operator walking or running. And you can do this using another installation technique. But it does require a great deal of skill.

DJI says the Ronin 4D is lighter and smaller than most cinema cameras mounted on a professional 3-axis stabilizer.

And unlike Osmo camera systems, or even some Ronin devices, the Ronin 4D is not aimed at consumers. The 6K version costs $7,200, while the 8K version costs $11,500, and both come with a hub, camera, lidar range finder, screen, handgrip, top handle, carrying case, and battery (the 8K camera also comes with a 1TB SSD).

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