Driving record: how it can affect my car insurance rate

Driving history can play a role in increasing auto insurance rates.

Driving history can influence the increase in auto insurance rates.

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All those people who have accumulated infractions or felonies on your driving record they represent a danger not only to themselves or others, but also to insurance companies. These companies have created the category of “high risk” for these types of drivers, a category that connects with the policy of the same name that they must pay to be able to drive legally in the United States. Due to their high tendency to bad habits, these drivers force insurers to prepare for the worst scenarios that may arise from their bad habits.

In this category, insurers also include people who have driven with their license suspended or revoked, even those who have served time for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI or DWI) on more than one occasion. Being an indispensable requirement, getting car insurance under these conditions is not an easy task for these drivers and, when they manage to locate one who is willing to take the risk of insuring them, the rates do not turn out to be low.

Under normal conditions, insurance premiums increase according to the state of the driving record, but in these special cases, in which infractions are a constant, companies consider other factors such as age or type of vehicle to determine the monthly amount. In addition, during the application process not only the aforementioned crimes are considered, but also the speeding, illegal street racing – related to the crime of reckless or reckless driving – and offenses that result in the death of someone.

The model or type of car that is driven is also considered a factor that, added to a bad history, can influence the cost of car insurance. Collectible cars, supercars and any exotic car that requires greater care and, therefore, greater losses in the event of an accident, fall into the high risk category. In this basic idea lies the reason for the high prices, which always end up being higher when compared to standard insurance.

When it comes to high-risk drivers, many companies deny coverage. In case that happens, it is best to look for several options to be able to compare prices and other details. Another path to earning eligibility is represented by the defensive driving courses or the purchase of cheaper and safer vehicles, two actions that can reduce the level of risk in the eyes of your insurance company.

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