Elden Ring: Developers show 15 minutes of gameplay from the Dark Souls successor

In order to shorten the waiting time for Elden Ring, the developers decided to show 15 minutes of gameplay of the new action RPG. The first scenes look promising and make it clear that Dark Souls players will also feel right at home in the unofficial sequel.

Elden Ring: 15 Minute Gameplay Released

It only takes a few months before Elden Ring finally appears. At the February 25, 2022 it should finally be ready, but so far there hasn’t been much to see of the new open world role-playing game.

But that is now changing. A few minutes ago, Bandai released Namco 15 minutes of narrated gameplay on YouTube, which not only shows what kind of dynamic Soulsborne fans can expect within the fights, but also enables a better view of the game world. There is also another one for the grand finale spectacular boss fight to see:

What is changing with the Dark Souls alternative?

Although it can be clearly seen from the opponent’s design and the appearance of the game world, that Elden Ring is strongly based on Dark Souls, the new open-world role-playing game seems to be establishing some interesting changes as well.

For example, for the first time, players can cross the open game world much faster on the back of a mount and also use so-called “Spirit Springs” to catapult themselves into unimagined heights.

Also new for Souls players: the Schleich feature. In Dark Souls and Bloodborne there is also the possibility to move upright as quietly as possible – in Elden Ring you can now crouch for the first time in order to remain hidden from opponents.

Since the game world of Elden Ring should turn out to be significantly larger, it is now also available for the first time a map that can be opened and used directly in the game. Players should be able to find the individual fragments of the map directly in the open game world. In addition, symbols can also be placed to mark special locations such as dungeons or traps. That should make traveling through the game world a lot easier.

Anyone who reaches their limits in tricky fights can do a few without further ado Summon ghostly companionswho support you in battle.

All in all, the 15 minutes of gameplay make it clear that Souls fans will likely feel very comfortable in Elden Ring. However, only a detailed test will be able to show whether the innovations have a positive effect on the fun of the game.

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