Elections for the Shura Council see a high turnout on the first day of candidate registration

On Tuesday, the Candidates’ Committee received a considerable number of requests from residents who wanted to register as candidates for the upcoming Shura Council elections.

Daily from 4 pm to 8 pm, the committee will receive applications for the registration of candidates in Qatar University’s Hall of Events at its headquarters. After five days of registration, starting August 26th, the final candidate lists will be revealed on September 15th.

However, in spite of the high number of participants, the registration process was quick and smooth.

“We have come to participate in this new experience. Everyone has rejoiced on this occasion,” remarked Fahad Rashid Al Kaabi, CEO of Manateq.

“I believe that the community is aware enough to choose highly qualified people to represent them in the upcoming Shura Council,”  he told The Peninsula after submitting his application.

“One of the important points that I would like to work on if I am lucky to succeed is protecting public money, following up on projects that are being implemented and ensuring their feasibility as well as freedom of opinion.”

He stated it was simple and only took few minutes to register. He added that he would be focusing on a number of other issues in his campaign, including employment and youth participation. Al Kaabi noted that the significant number of persons who wish to compete in the elections on the first day is a favourable sign. Encouragement should be provided for the selection of qualified applicants And we’re hoping to see many citizens turn out to vote during the elections.

In the Shura Council system, he claimed he would do his best to meet citizens’ demands in compliance with the regulations and laws in effect at the time. To serve the interests of Qatari citizens if his candidacy is recognised, Al Jaber will work to reach an agreement between the Shura Council and the executive.

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