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Elections for the Shura Council will begin tomorrow

Tomorrow, following the success of the first phase, the second part of the voting process for the forthcoming Shura Council elections will begin in Doha.

As of tomorrow, the Shura Council Elections Supervisory Committee will begin receiving candidate registrations for those elections. There will be a five-day registration period from Sunday (August 22) to Thursday (August 25). (August 26).

There is a deadline of 12 noon today for objections and grievances against the preliminary voter lists in electoral headquarters, and final voter lists will be issued tomorrow (Sunday).

A 24-hour campaign period precedes the start of the voting process and begins following the announcement of the final candidate lists (September 15).

Shura Council members are elected by Qatari citizens, with the Amir appointing the remaining 15 members.

It will have legislative authority, and it will be tasked with approving state policy and the budget. Aside from the executive, it will also have control over the defence, security, economic and investment policy-making agencies.

It is recommended that voters look at the candidate lists, attend their meetings and read their programmes before deciding which candidate best represents the public interest.

Youssef Al-Zaman, a Qatari lawyer, said in a television interview that voters had a national responsibility to select the finest candidate. “They must monitor the candidates and assess their electoral programmes, and then choose the most qualified ones.” Candidates can spend up to QR2m on the election campaign but must open a bank account to do so.

He stressed that the Shura Council specialises in legislation, so a law can be amended by the members of the Shura Council as well as the government.

“Approval of the public budget demands economic/financial insight and experience in topics relating to the public budget. ” According to Al-Zaman, a candidate must possess a wide range of attributes, including expertise and the ability to meet these challenges, while also showing patriotism by working for the public good and not for personal gain”.

The Shura Council Elections Supervisory Committee has further emphasised that candidates must adhere to the Constitution. We do not allow anyone to organise and hold electoral meetings; give speeches; or post posters or photographs in educational facilities and government buildings.

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