Employees refuse to evaluate on the basis of “this person has not entered my mood”

Abdul Rahman Al Balushi: New regulations are required to ensure justice
Dr.. Muhammad Al-Kubaisi: Linking the evaluation to the last month lacks objectivity

A number of citizens and human development experts called for linking the annual evaluation with real performance indicators for each employee, with the need to attach evidence of the performance of each annual evaluation criterion and the digitization of the standards.
They assured Al-Arab that linking the evaluation to the last month of each year detracts from the objectivity and integrity of the evaluation, pointing to the need to raise awareness among the concerned departments and to rely on the principle of “evaluation and development” and not “evaluation and hunting for errors.” The personality is based on promotions, job rotation, training programs, and many costs.”
They stressed the need to adopt abstract professional impartiality in the evaluation to ensure justice, away from the principle: “This person has not entered my mood.”

lack of justice
Abdul Rahman Al Balushi said, “Many employees complain of the lack of justice in the annual evaluation system in terms of subjecting the evaluation to the attendance and departure book, more than the volume of performance and production… Pointing to the need to separate the overlap between daily attendance and annual evaluation and to set new controls for evaluating employees to ensure justice and equality between Employees .. as it guarantees rights and establishes obligations in line with the regulations of the Labor Law and the Human Resources Law.

job camp
He stressed that the reliance of some managers on the “number of working hours” in the annual evaluation does not achieve fairness, and that many department officials and managers are keen on the principle of the presence of employees in their departments at the beginning and end of official working hours, without regard to the amount of work performed by them during the day, even from During the sudden inspection and field tours, they focus mostly on how keen the employee is to come and leave at the specified times, until the organization and management become a large job camp, with conditional permission, after which the employee returns at a specific time to prove his presence.

improve the performance
He explained that the purpose of performance appraisal is to know the weaknesses of employees, and how to improve their performance, or how to overcome these points to develop work better, but many managers adopt the principle (commitment in attendance, leaving and working hours) mainly in measuring performance, which is a classic method that has been overtaken Variables, in terms of the way and the work environment and the speed of communication, where reliance on collective performance, creativity and innovation from employees to create a collective performance system has become one of the most important reasons for the success of companies, and the individual evaluation of employees has become one of the tools and systems that hinder the growth of work or its success significantly, indicating that some parties have stopped Especially the big companies about the use of the annual evaluation system for its uselessness.

Quarterly evaluation
Dr. Muhammad Khalifa al-Kubaisi, a human development expert, said that the annual evaluation in its current form has some observations, the first of which is linking the evaluation to the last month of each year, and this detracts from the objectivity of the evaluation, and I support the quarterly evaluation.
He continued: The evaluation will not be neutral until it is linked to real performance indicators for each employee, linked to the strategic and executive plan of the employee’s work entity, in addition to the need to attach evidence of the performance of each evaluation criterion and digitize the standards. For example, in the employee creativity standard, the official sets a result The evaluation is not based on the number of ideas presented by the employee. If the employee presents an idea, at least a minimum number of creative ideas that must be presented by the employee must be determined.
As well as the employee’s self-development criterion… On what does the official base the evaluation of this criterion? There is supposed to be a limitation of a certain number of personal courses or conferences, for example.
He pointed out that the current annual evaluation does not take into account the conditions of workers with special needs, noting the need to design special evaluation forms for this category that take into account their health conditions and problems.
He stressed the necessity of educating managers and officials with each evaluation of the necessity of the correct evaluation and that it is a certificate and a trust that cannot be tampered with due to the promotions, job rotation, training programs and many costs that are based on it.

nature of jobs
Rashid Al-Marri said that production at work is the basis for evaluating the employee in the performance of his work, and then comes the commitment in working hours if the employee is working within the office attendance.
He added that it is not possible to make general provisions on all jobs and sectors, but they can be determined according to the nature of these jobs, indicating that some jobs in which discipline is part of productivity, such as jobs that require meeting the public or providing services, while many other jobs such as programming do not require any discipline. In attendance and leaving as much as professionalism and high productivity need, indicating that achievement is the most fair criterion in measuring employee performance and the degree of his annual evaluation.

personal evaluation
Several studies have shown that the annual evaluation that is placed by managers for employees is not always objective, as many personal matters are involved, which leads to the employee resorting to work to satisfy the manager and his personal interest at the expense of satisfying the customer and the interest of the company in which he works, which contributes to reduce the company’s performance.
Studies have also indicated that evaluation always differs from one manager to another, and from one sector to another within the same company, and whoever receives a low evaluation from a particular manager can receive a high evaluation from another manager, which creates an atmosphere of dissatisfaction among employees due to their conviction of lack of objectivity. The fairness of this assessment, which is sometimes – unfair.

Annual evaluation and competition
Performance evaluation is usually linked with promotions and annual bonuses, through the use of a normal distribution curve to determine eligible employees, a method that differs from management to management and from manager to manager, and therefore it is possible for a promotion or bonus to be obtained by an employee with less performance than many employees In the company, in addition, this method divides and recognizes the presence of star employees, average employees and others of poor quality, and this creates an atmosphere of internal competition among employees and negatively affects the performance of teamwork.
Professor Samuel Colbert of UCLA University said in his book “Dispose of Performance Appraisal” that annual employee evaluation is just a way for management to justify promotion and bonus or not to promote employee bonus, and he also adds that many managers who do not have the leadership and skill to persuade employees to work In a certain way they resort to the weapon of annual evaluation to force employees to accept and follow their way of working. This creates the so-called management of intimidation, so the manager’s requests become orders that must be executed, even if they are illogical, come late, or do not serve the administration or the institution. Also, the manager’s comments become acceptable, even if they are offensive or not true to the truth, and they cannot be accepted outside the workplace.

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