Environmental bonus on the brink: These e-cars are affected

If you want to buy a new car, you have to make a decision. Will it be a pure combustion engine after all, or will you switch to a hybrid or even an electric car? The last two options are usually more expensive, so there is the environmental bonus. The new traffic light coalition wants to change the previous plans and that could hit one type of e-car hard.

Environmental bonus for e-cars: plug-in hybrids should be phased out

Plug-in hybrids are a real sham. You get a normal combustion engine that can drive a certain distance electrically. This ensures low to no emissions for the first 50 to 100 kilometers and is considered clean. However, many plug-in hybrid drivers take advantage of the environmental bonus and tax advantages, but drive most of the time anyway with the burner and pollute the environment more heavilybecause the additional weight of the electric motor and the battery always has to be carried along. The traffic light coalition wants to rethink.

The Greens have long been calling for the environmental bonus and tax advantages for plug-in hybrids to be abolished. Now they are receiving support from the FDP. In their election program is namely: “We want to forego expensive subsidies such as the purchase premium for e-cars. The regulations for hybrid vehicles need to be revised so that their real CO2 emissions are taken into account.“And the experts assume that the SPD will not lock against this proposal (Source: Golem).

In particular, the abolition of the environmental bonus for pseudo-e-cars such as plug-in hybrids would be easy to convey to politicians. You just have to calculate the real consumption correctly. Over a billion euros in subsidies for 240,000 plug-in hybrids so far.

in the Video let’s reveal the biggest mistakes about electric cars:

Plans for plug-in hybrids are on the brink

The previous plans for plug-in hybrids provide that the range should increase to 100 km in the next few years so that the environmental bonus can be claimed. The car manufacturers are not happy about that. If now the environmental bonus were to be eliminated and perhaps even the tax advantages, these vehicles with plug-in hybrid technology would basically be unsaleable.

VW therefore suggests that a usage-dependent funding is implemented. Only if the share driven with a plug-in hybrid is over 70 percent would one receive the full subsidy. The car company wants to save the environmental bonus for plug-in hybrids and shift the obligation to use it to customers.

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