EU asks Google to pay: Judges hum a billions in fine

Google’s parent company Alphabet has to pay 2.4 billion euros to the EU. The penalty is imposed because Google has exploited its market power, explains the Court of the European Union. Google had given preference to its own Google Shopping offer.

Google Shopping: EU fines billions

As the parent company of Google, Alphabet has to focus on one new billion fine by the European Union to adjust. In the antitrust proceedings that were held before the General Court of the European Union, the judges ultimately decided on a payment of around 2.4 billion euros. Google is charged with “improper preferential treatment of its own price comparison service”. Google Shopping is not treated in the group’s search results like offers from third-party providers.

According to the court, Google did Competition deliberately relegated to the back seats. This could weaken competition, since Google users usually only pay attention to the first results. A possible compensation from third-party providers through other mechanisms on Google’s search results pages did not take place. The EU Commission determined this “using suitable methods” (source: heise online).

Google had the penalty previously imposed by the EU Competition Commission as “incorrectly calculated” denotes and continues to defend itself against the accusation of putting its own services in the limelight. Google’s own price comparison service would not be given preferential treatment by “showing grouped product hits”.

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Penalty against Google confirmed after four years

The EU had already imposed a fine of 2.4 billion euros in 2017. Then they agreed on a compromise, according to which Google its competitors more space per auction should admit. Shortly before the implementation, however, it became known that Google would like to bid itself. This in turn was criticized by dealers.

The search engine company is free to appeal against the decision of the EU judges. Even after four years it is It is still unclear whether Google will ultimately have to pay. This is not the first time that the group has come under fire. The EU had previously imposed fines running into billions.

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