Event designer Kazuhiko Aoki suggests news about the classic

On the official PlayStation Blog, the developers of Square Enix looked back on the work on the popular classic role-playing game “Final Fantasy IX”. Event designer Kazuhiko Aoki announced possible news about the adventure of Zidane and his friends.

Final Fantasy IX: Event designer Kazuhiko Aoki hints at news about the classic

Among the new releases with which subscribers to the streaming service PlayStation Now in this month were considered, was among other things Square Enix ‘role-playing classic “Final Fantasy IX”.

On the occasion of the release for PlayStation Now, event designer Kazuhiko Aoki looked back on the work on “Final Fantasy IX” in an interview with the official PlayStation Blog. You can find the full special in which Aoki talked about the ups and downs of development here. It is interesting that Aoki could also have hinted at news about “Final Fantasy IX” as part of the special.

Statements cause speculation

“If you’re playing Final Fantasy IX for the first time on PlayStation Now and you like it, I would be overjoyed if you join us and continue to create Final Fantasy IX with us in the future,” said Aoki. Now, of course, one can speculate what the event designer of “Final Fantasy IX” was referring to in detail. On the one hand, an animated “Final Fantasy IX” series for younger audiences was announced in June of this year.

On the subject: Final Fantasy IX: Animated series announced for a younger audience

This should start at the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. So could Aoki be referring to the animated series? Another rumor has it that Square Enix may be working on a remake for Final Fantasy IX. This appeared at least in the large “GeForce Now” leak from September 2021.

Since Square Enix did not want to comment on the rumors about the “Final Fantasy IX” remake so far, it remains to be seen what this is all about.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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