Experts forecast rain, thunderstorms and hail for the country’s Midwest over the weekend

Forecasters predict a low-pressure system in the south and bomb cyclones in the west could trigger thunderstorms this weekend.

Forecasters predict a low-pressure system in the south and bomb cyclones in the west could trigger thunderstorms this weekend.

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Gusts of warm winds are entering from the south in the Midwest of the United States and combined with the atmospheric conditions of the bomb cyclones that come from the Pacific, they are the necessary ingredients to cause severe weather in that region of the country. Experts are not ruling out heavy rains, flash floods and even hail.

During saturday night, a low pressure system could form in western Kansas. This system in combination with the Pacific bomb cyclones would generate several precipitations in the area and snowfall in the East Coast states, according to AccuWeather.

In Kansas and Missouri, heavy rains and thunderstorms are forecast for this weekend, it could also be recorded some occasional hail shower as well as powerful lightning bolts and lightning.

“Rain and thunderstorms are likely to pass through parts of South Dakota, southern Iowa, Illinois and Indiana on Sunday before stronger storms erupt in the south,” said Alyssa Smithmyer of AccuWeather.

Smithmyer also noted that this climate is likely to develop a cold front in the south of the country. Combining these phenomena will generate strong electrical storms.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, areas within the delineated areas have a high potential for electrical storms. Sunday during the day and early Monday.

“Some storms can present hazards like localized flash flooding, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes,” Smithmyer said.

For some parts of Iowa, northern Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana could receive heavy storms and cold rains of up to 3 inches during Sunday night.

Forecasters predict that by early next week, bad weather move east.

“Although the scope of severe weather is likely to be less extensive on Monday compared to Sunday, it still there is a risk of some storms with strong winds and flash flooding in areas from the center and southern Appalachians, ”said Accuweather meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

The experts further indicated that the thunderstorms will move to the great plains by Tuesday and that it may cause more storms in the Midwestern states of the country over the next week.

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