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Experts indicate that the rescue of the dogs trapped by the lava from the volcano on La Palma “will be complicated”

Several companies have contacted Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life to coordinate the rescue of the animals.

Several companies have contacted Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life to coordinate the rescue of the animals.

Photo: Cabildo de La Palma / Courtesy

For weeks, four dogs have been trapped in two ponds in Todoque, on La Palma, because the lava from the Cumbre Vieja enclosed them in a piece of land that could be devoured by magma in the coming days. Using a drone, various agencies have been feeding the canines, but experts indicate that they must be evacuated as soon as possible.

The general director of Aerocámaras, Jaime Pereira, explained to Antenna 3 that the only way to get the dogs out of that place is with drones, but he assures that “it is a complex operation”In which to evaluate the temperature of the ground, the environment and the landing point to avoid accidents.

We are in the absolute obligation to try“, said.

The initial plan is to use a cargo drone with an adapted system with a net that will be able to pick up the canines in the ponds. It would hold up to 20 kilos, but Pereira indicates that despite the preparations, there is a factor that includes luck.

“The most difficult thing is make the dogs go online so that they can be rescued ”, detailed the general director of Aerocámaras.

Once they are rescued, the island’s authorities will verify if any of the dogs belong to someone from the community. Otherwise, they will be put up for adoption to offer them a second chance with someone.

For its part, the pro-animal website, Leales.org, indicated that animals must be rescued as soon as possible, since a new lavage from the volcano could bury the dogs.

“The height of the tongue that stalks the pond continues to grow, with the risk of burying them with a simple earthquake detachment, if a new wash in the area does not take place beforehand ”, they exclaimed.

The volcano has not stopped emitting lava since it erupted on September 19. Since then it has consumed more than 700 hectares of land on the island, destroying homes, structures, highways and buildings whose damage is estimated to exceed 200 million euros to date.

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