Face ID is missing on MacBook Pro despite the presence of the bump

revealed a company Apple announced the new versions of its MacBook Pro laptops, and those versions brought significant improvements in all respects, including the very powerful performance of the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets.

The MacBook also included clear changes to the design, most notably the reduction of edges on the one hand, and on the other hand, the addition of the usual extrusion in iPhone phones. Which is quite strange, and was met with many criticisms.

But on the other hand, the top notch – which is known as the notch – in iPhone phones plays a big role and provides a major feature, which is the face recognition feature Face ID. But despite the advent of the Pro versions of the MacBook with the bump, and despite the space to add dozens of technologies, Apple did not add Face ID in the MacBook Pro.

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Despite the strangeness of adding a bump to the screen of a laptop computer, some followers of the technical field have been expecting since 2018 that Apple will do so, but its implementation of this change without adding the features of Face ID is the most strange thing.

The Cupertino giant has benefited from this design change in more ways than one. But the most important aspect is making the edges thinner. In doing so, Apple matches the leading portable PCs from other companies such as Dell and HP. Especially XPS computers.

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Face ID is missing on MacBook Pro

iPhone users don’t like the top notch look. However, users have accepted it as it is the only solution to offer Face ID at present. Apple has succeeded in providing both iPhones and iPads with the technology without problems.

And back to the main problem. It is the company not adding the Face ID feature in the MacBook Pro, although there is nothing to prevent it, especially in light of the large thickness of the device.

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Face ID is missing on MacBook Pro despite the presence of the bump
MacBook Pro fish

The new version has all the internal hardware needed to operate the new technology. The M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets are based on the same Apple A processor architecture that supports Face ID since the iPhone X was released.

The company was able to provide MacBook Pro devices with dozens of features and features that depend on the Face ID feature in general, and on the facial recognition system in particular, and its cameras and sensors.

Adding to the strangeness of the event is that Apple often prides itself on the security of its devices in general. And adding Face ID would have supported that. The probability of cheating the system is 1 per million attempts. While the fingerprint spoofing attempt is 1 in 50,000 attempts.

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And what happened quite simply is that the company has decided to continue to rely on the fingerprint sensor. But besides that, it tried to introduce a new design. But perhaps the first thing that came to the minds of users when seeing the new design is its lack of the Face ID feature in the presence of all the necessary ingredients.

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