Facebook steals logo: German company is feeling the consequences

The makers of a migraine app, of all people, now have a headache themselves: Facebook has “oriented” its new meta logo so much to a German start-up that it now needs a new branding. But you don’t want to sue Facebook.

Meta: New Facebook logo from Berlin company

For the Berlin start-up Newsenselab, the presentation of Meta was certainly more exciting than for most of the other viewers. The creators of a migraine app quickly realized that there was a difference between their own logo, which has been in use since 2020, and Facebook’s variant there are hardly any differences. Basically, Facebook simply colored the Newsenselab logo blue and made it a little wider.

The company doesn’t want to have anything to do with Facebook and Meta. It is best to avoid any association with the group. That’s why they now give in and explain that a rebranding is imminent. The logo is simply left to Facebook – and one You don’t want to file a lawsuit either.

A Swipe at the powerful meta-group But Newsenselab couldn’t resist: “We feel very honored that @facebook feels inspired by the logo of our migraine app – maybe they are also inspired by our data protection measures,” it says (source: M-sense at Twitter). Over 11,000 retweets and 51,000 likes show that the Berlin start-up has hit the mark.

Facebook becomes meta: all details in Video.

M-sense: German migraine app on prescription

Regardless of the logo, Newsenselab’s main product remains the M-sense migraine app, which is available as a App on prescription is designed. Those seeking help only receive the app after a doctor’s appointment and a corresponding prescription. The costs for Me-sense amounting to 250 euros for three months are covered by the health insurance.

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