Former Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council answers to a burning question

Shura Council is a practical translation of the efforts of the wise leadership to expand popular participation in decision-making and urged the people of Qatar to play their positive and constructive role in public work and to engage in oversight efforts on the work of the legislative authority.

His Excellency indicated – during an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) – that the division of the current thirty electoral districts is a fair division that guarantees equal representation for all the people of Qatar that takes into account the interests of everyone away from narrow interests and tribal fanaticism. For one party over the other.

He added that the people of Qatar are an integrated and interconnected fabric, and they are all one tribe called the Qatar tribe.

His Excellency explained that the stability of the Shura Council elections for 30 members and the appointment of 15 members. This method and approach contribute to expanding popular participation in decision-making and the burdens of governance and administration. It also achieves popular representation and the service from wise, knowledgeable and experienced members of the Council. This helps Qatar for achieving opinions from the freely and directly elected and appointed council. 

His Excellency said that the current electoral districts constitute a divisional organization of the stable human map in the State of Qatar, and the population centres before 1960 AD, defining their population.

He pointed out that the districts included their components that mixed in the criteria the presence of the family, the tribe, and the region on the one hand and the other hand.

His Excellency urged young people to participate in public work, as every young man or woman who finds the same competence and ability to play this role must be strongly involved in the electoral process as candidates because they are the pillars of the future and can participate effectively in the leadership of the next stage.

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