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Former President Bill Clinton was hospitalized for a “non-Covid infection”

Former President Bill Clinton is making a good recovery, according to his doctors.

Former President Bill Clinton is making a good recovery, according to his doctors.

Photo: Alyssa Pointer-Pool / Getty Images

The ex-president Bill clinton He was hospitalized earlier this week for a problem unrelated to Covid-19 and is recovering, his spokesman, Angel Ureña, said on Thursday.

Bill clinton was admitted to the University of California Irvine Medical Center on Tuesday “to receive treatment for an infection not related to Covid,” Ureña said in a statement.

“He’s getting better, in a good mood, and he’s incredibly grateful to the doctors, nurses, and staff who gave him excellent care,” Ureña said.

Clinton was in California earlier in the week for an event related to his nonprofit Clinton Foundation and was taken to the hospital after reporting he was not feeling well, according to CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta.

The former president’s health problem it was not related to Covid-19 or his heart, Gupta reported, after interviews with Clinton’s doctors, but with an infection in the blood sometimes known as sepsis. Clinton underwent heart bypass surgery in 2004 and had stents placed in 2010.

The ex-president Bill Clinton was admitted to the intensive care unit at the University of California Irvine Medical Center for a urinary tract infection that spread to his bloodstream, his doctors said to CNN Thursday.

“He was admitted to the ICU for close follow-up and given intravenous antibiotics and fluids. He remains in the hospital for ongoing follow-up, ”according to a joint statement Thursday night from Dr. Alpesh Amin, UC Irvine Medical Center President of Medicine, and Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s personal GP. They said Clinton was in ICU for privacy and security, not because she needs intensive care.

Clinton he’s in a good mood, talks to family and staff, and has gotten up and walked, according to his doctors.

“After two days of treatment, her white blood cell count is dropping and she is responding well to antibiotics,” the doctors said. “We hope he goes home soon.”

Clinton, which was in California For a private event at his foundation, he was feeling fatigued Tuesday and was admitted to the hospital after testing, according to his office.

The former president’s doctors said urological infections are very common in older people and are easily treated, although they can quickly spread to the bloodstream. Clinton will receive intravenous antibiotics until Friday, when he will likely be switched to oral antibiotics. His vital measurements are all stable, according to the doctors.











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