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Former Trump aide Steve Bannon to be charged with ‘criminal contempt’ for failing to attend congressional subpoena

Former Trump aide Steve Bannon to be charged with 'criminal contempt' for failing to attend congressional subpoena

Photo: Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

In the middle of the investigation of the assault on the Capitol last January 6, the committee in charge had summoned the president’s former adviser, Steve Bannon, but his lawyer had already anticipated that he would not attend because the ex-president Donald trump you are using executive privilege to block the submission of documents and testimonials.

Given this, the Democratic representative for Mississippi Bennie Thompson – who also chairs the committee that investigates the events of that day – replied that that group “will use all the tools at its disposal to obtain the information it seeks, and witnesses who try to hinder the Select Committee will not be successful. “

The testimony that Steve Bannon can give is part of the investigation, since the Committee has so far issued 19 citations. That is why its members have committed to restore the binding force of these citations, and for this they have advanced their intention to file criminal charges against those who refuse to comply.

The process, however, it could take months or even years, with doubtful chances of winning.

There are witnesses who are cooperating, like Lyndon Brentnall, whose firm participated in the Ellipse event that day. He assured The Associated Press that he delivered everything that has been requested of him in the framework of the investigation.

The Committee cited 11 people identified as organizers of the demonstration, and asked them to hand over records and documents.

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