Four people were shot outside a football game at an Alabama school

Four people were shot outside a football game at an Alabama school

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Four people were shot during a shooting occurred on a stadium exit ramp during a high school football game on Friday night in Mobile, Alabamaauthorities said.

Two of the four victims were minors, said the chief of police of Mobile, Paul prine, during a press conference outside the Ladd-Peebles sports and entertainment complex, according CNN.

Three men and a woman were taken to local hospitals, where one was in critical condition, Prine said. The sex and age of the critically ill victim were not released Friday.

Police are working to determine the identities of the victims, Prine said.

The football game between Williamson High School and Vigor High School “stopped and has since ended,” Prine said, adding that no shots were fired inside the stadium.

“The shots were fired on the west ramp,” Prine said. “It was not shot in the sand or in the football area where the stands were, but here on the exit ramp that leaves the stadium.”

Officers found four shell casings in the area and they believe there may have been up to seven shots, according to Prine. “We have several individuals that may be involved, but possibly only one shooter,” Prine said.

The police chief did not provide a motive for the shooting, but said that possibly two men were involved in an altercation at the time of the shooting.

Prine rated the shooting as an isolated incident, noting that he did not believe there was any threat to the public.

Police received information that at least two people got into a white sedan and fled the scene after that. shooting. Officers were working to locate them.

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