Free app instead of 2 euros: Great pastime for iPhone and iPad

Before you get bored, play a witty game on your iPhone or iPad. There is currently such a lovingly animated puzzle fun free in Apple’s App Store. Usually we have to pay just under 2 euros for this.

If you hurry up, you get the game “Alice Trapped in Wonderland” free for iPhone and iPad. Normally you have to pay 1.99 euros for this in the App Store. Positive: Unlike other supposedly free offers and apps, there are neither advertising nor annoying in-app purchases here – free is really free.

Free puzzle fun for iPhone and iPad: 2 euros saved

But what is it all about? the Short Summary already suggests:

“Many years have passed since you, Alice Liddel, dreamed of a land full of wonderful and amazing things …

Discover and solve the amazing secrets in the extraordinary wonderland. Explore this incredible and harrowing world as you solve the most striking puzzles and uncover all the exciting secrets in the best point-and-click adventure game for mobile devices. “

In short: Riddles and jigsaw puzzles for young and old. Users can discover and explore many different environments and are presented with an original story. The trailer for the game says more than a thousand words, let’s take a look:

What is the game good for?

Important to know: This is not one of those “lost” games that has not been updated in years. But on the contrary, An update was only made a few days ago, which subsequently submitted optimizations for iOS 14. However, iOS 9 is enough to play “Alice Trapped in Wonderland”. All it takes is an iPhone or iPad and almost 400 MB of free space.

The game has convinced the previous players because 4.5 stars out of 5 speak for qualityt. For example, a buyer writes:

“I like the game very much, it’s not too difficult and not too easy, and it’s not too short either. The graphics are loving and detailed, this game gets 5 stars from me! “

Ergo: Download and save! Unfortunately, we don’t know how long the game will be free. So before downloading it is better to check the price again.

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