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Fritzbox: Important update and security patch for routers released

The manufacturer AVM has released an update to the latest version of FritzOS for four Fritz boxes. A critical update has surprisingly been released for an older router. 1 & 1 customers should install the security patch quickly.

Fritzbox: Four routers receive FritzOS 7.29

The Berlin manufacturer AVM has brought some Fritz boxes up to date in the last few weeks. Now are the routers Fritzbox 7580, 7560, 7490 and 7430 at the same time its turn. With the update, FritzOS version 7.29 comes on the router. It is a final update without a “laboratory” addition. An installation is recommended in any case, even if the list of changes remains clear.

AVM has mainly dealt with FritzOS 7.29 Compatibility and bug fixes taken care of. Anyone who has already installed macOS 12.0 Monterey on their Apple computer can look forward to resolved difficulties when using the USB connection on the Fritzbox. The same applies to older scanners and printers, which now interact better with the Fritz boxes (source: AVM).

Problems with the Accessibility for telephony via IPv6 are a thing of the past with FritzOS 7.29, explains AVM. According to the manufacturer, encrypted telephony is now more robust against loss of connection.

The best tips and tricks for your Fritzbox im Video:

Fritzbox 7362 SL: Important security patch for 1 & 1

Owner of the Fritzbox 7362 SL with 1 & 1 connection should always apply the security patch that has just been released. Although the router should not receive any updates after the end of support, AVM is currently distributing FritzOS 7.13 from 2019.

The focus of the small update is the protection against the so-called “FragAttacks”which may enable WLAN attacks. The Federal Office for Information Security also warns of the loophole, which should be taken seriously.

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