Fritzbox: Popular router receives an important software update

An update is now available for the popular Fritzbox 7530 from the German manufacturer AVM. This brings FritzOS 7.29 to the router. With the maintenance update for the Fritzbox, some errors are eliminated and compatibility is increased.

Fritzbox 7530: Update to FritzOS 7.29 is available

The Berlin router manufacturer AVM is currently distributing one new firmware for the Fritzbox 7530that owners should install in any case. It is a final update and not a laboratory update. Accordingly, the installation is quite simple and is done at the push of a button.

In the maintenance update, the Bugfix in the foreground. According to AVM, they looked at several areas and removed bugs here. In addition, compatibility with other devices has been increased. Problems with the telephone accessibility with telephony via IPv6 are now a thing of the past. According to the manufacturer, encrypted telephony is now more robust against loss of connection.

For users of macOS 12 Monterey you have the Compatibility with USB improved. Older scanners and printers are now better supported by the Fritzbox 7530 (source: AVM).

Nothing has changed in terms of the router’s performance. In the 5 GHz range, a maximum of 866 megabits per second are available, with WLAN networks with 2.4 GHz it is up to 400 megabits per second. Who wants more, should look at the WiFi-6 variant of the Fritzbox 7530.

The best tips and tricks for your Fritzbox im Video:

Fritzbox 7530: This is how FritzOS 7.29 is installed

The update to FritzOS 7.29 can easily be done via the User interface of the Fritzbox 7530 to be installed. In addition, AVM also distributes the update automatically if the Auto-Update option is activated on the router.

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