Gameplay details on the new project from the Stardew Valley creator

With “Haunted Chocolatier”, Eric Barone, the creative mind behind the indie hit “Stardew Valley”, recently announced his latest project. In the meantime, the first gameplay details for the title have been announced.

Haunted Chocolatier: Gameplay details for the new project from the Stardew Valley creator

With “Haunted Chocolatier”, the “Stardew Valley” creator Eric Barone announced his latest project a few days ago and promised to break new ground with it in a playful way.

In addition to the official announcement of “Haunted Chocolatier”, Barone has now also given the first gameplay details on his in-house website. Since he puts more emphasis on the fighting this time, the combat mechanics should not just be copied from “Stardew Valley”. Instead, the combat system should match the game and feel “funny, satisfying and exciting”. It also says that virtually all animations and the combat system of “Haunted Chocolatier” will be completely redesigned.

Console players will have to wait a little longer

Shields also play an important role in combat this time, as Barone pointed out: “The shield / stun mechanic rewards more cautious, patient players waiting for an opportunity. But you don’t have to play like this. You can just as easily attack aggressively, and if you can manage it, you’ll defeat enemies faster that way. In addition to shields, there will be other off-hand items that complement different play styles. ”

On the subject: Haunted Chocolatier: New game from “Stardew Valley” developer announced – first trailer

“You may also find that the swordwing animation looks different than the original footage. That’s because I’m still working on everything, ”added Barone. “Everything we’ve seen so far could change before the game is over. If you’ve followed the development of Stardew Valley, this will look familiar. “

“Haunted Chocolatier” has not yet received a release period. However, Barone pointed out that he will focus on the pc first. The consoles will therefore follow at a later date.

Source: Eric Barone (Official Website)

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