Get Siri to tell you about alerts in iOS 15

iOS 15 has added a bunch of new features to the iPhone’s voice assistant Siri, to improve its use and make it even better.

The additions include the development of the feature to announce calls and messages, as Siri is able to announce alerts of various kinds.

This means that it can alert you to different WhatsApp messages or Facebook posts that you receive, and this feature works with a set of headphones.

These include Apple’s AirPods Pro and Max, as well as some Apple Beats headphones that are compatible with their devices.

Steps to make Siri announce alerts in iOS 15

You can control which apps Siri advertises, so you can mute an app or focus on any other app you like.

You can activate this feature by following these steps:

Head to the Settings app on your phone or iPad, then choose Siri and Search, and then head to the Notifications for Calls and Alerts section.

When you click on this option, you see a group of settings that appear for you to control.

You can have Siri announce calls and alerts only through headphones, headphones and the car, or never or always announce them.

After that, you can control the feature settings such as reply after confirmation or reply without confirmation, and you can choose the applications from below.

You find a list of the applications installed on your phone that Siri can alert you to when it arrives, where you can activate or deactivate them.

Siri in the new system

Siri is now able to go offline thanks to the new iOS 15 update, just for some features.

There are still features that you need to use the Internet to be able to activate and access them, but most of the main features work over the phone.

This step aims to increase the privacy of users and maintain the confidentiality of their commands and voices, as you will now no longer need to send an audio recording to Apple servers.

In order to translate and understand the command and then direct the command to the phone, which was the old way that Siri worked.

The system has also greatly increased protection and privacy in all applications in the phone, and prevented applications from tracking you.

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