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Google apps for iPhone and iPad: finally more productivity

Google has equipped some of its apps for iOS and iPadOS with new functions. A new version of Gmail, Google Docs and Google Meet is available on the iPhone and iPad. The focus here is on improved productivity and organization.

Google apps for iOS and iPadOS upgraded

Google is currently distributing updates for three of its apps on iOS and iPadOS. The updates for Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Meet Although these are not really groundbreaking innovations, it is still worth taking a look at the new versions. The apps are intended to enable more productive work and are sometimes tidier than before.

This is done on the home screen improved Gmail widget noticeable. According to the company, it has received a lot of feedback from users and is now displaying more content in the inbox. The sender and subject of the most recently received e-mails are displayed directly. In addition, your own profile picture, next to a button for writing new emails, is part of the Gmail widget, which now works just like Android. The design of Google apps could change in the future.

The second new feature that can now be seen on Google Meet is one Picture-in-picture support. The picture-in-picture mode makes it possible to continue to participate in a meeting in Google Meet, while something else can be done in another app on the iPhone or iPad (source: Google).

in the Video you can see everything you need to know about the iPhone 13 models:

For iPhone and iPad: Google Sheets with keyboard shortcuts

Google Sheets, known in this country as Google Docs, has also received a small update. Are new Keyboard shortcuts. Users can, for example, select an entire row or search for and replace certain values ​​in a table. The keyboard shortcuts also work when a Bluetooth or Magic keyboard is used with the iPad.

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