Google confirms its commitment to the Matter smart home standard

Google gave over summit The company for smart home developers A glimpse into how the new Matter smart home standard works in our smart homes, and the company announced new tools to help developers build devices that work with Google Home and the new Matter connectivity standard across any other Matter ecosystems.

This means that very soon the new Nest thermostat can work in the Apple Home app without the need for Home Assistant or other workarounds.

Coming next year, Matter is an open smart home application protocol that promises to make smart home devices talk to each other regardless of who made them. And the standard wants to take on the hard work of selecting, setting up and integrating devices with your smart home and voice assistants.

At the event, the company confirmed its commitment to support Matter and its main supporting protocol, Thread (Low Energy Mesh Network), across its entire ecosystem. It also revealed a new name for its smart home efforts, Google Home.

The new Google Home brings development of device setup, automation and voice control capabilities, Android devices and Google Nest under one umbrella.

The company said the new name is for the entire smart home platform and developer program. A new Google Home Developer Center has also been announced.

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Google promises interoperability between smart home platforms

The Developer Center is a one-stop shop for developing anything related to the smart home, offering new tools to help accelerate Matter adoption in the smart home.

And the Google Home Device SDK can help developers quickly build and integrate Matter devices. This is so that they will be ready when the Standard Edition is launched next year. This also happens when Google commits to updating Nest and Android devices with Matter support.

And native Android support via Google Play Services and the new Google Home Mobile SDK provides critical support for mobile devices and apps to help simplify smart home device setup.

This means that setting up a Matter-enabled device – like a light bulb or a smart plug – is as simple as turning it on and opening an app. (either Google Home or the manufacturer’s app). The app then does most of the tasks for connecting to wireless networks, Thread, and any other devices you own.

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