Google makes Android more convenient for remote work

Google has announced that it plans to expand the availability of the Work Profile tool to unmanaged users with a Google Workspace account.

The Work Profile tool for Android, which allows you to hide your work apps and data and preserve your personal phone usage, is reaching more users next year.

The Work Profile tool provides a convenient way to separate your work and personal life via your smartphone. When this feature is enabled, work apps and personal apps appear on two different tabs within the app drawer.

Business applications feature a small bag badge to distinguish themselves from personal applications. according to for blog From the company, the feature is currently limited to phones managed by the organization.

But that is set to change because Google says it plans to bring the feature to unmanaged Google Workspace devices in 2022.

This means that you don’t have to rely on your employer to run them through your device.

The company said: The Work Profile tool was previously Available on managed devices only. But now we plan to offer the same benefits of the Work Profile tool to users who are not managed with a work identity as well.

This allows anyone who uses Android for work purposes to separate work and personal applications into a single interface and stop all work related applications with a single click.

The Work Profile tool will be available in Android for unmanaged Google Workspace users starting next year, with plans to expand to more identity providers soon after to improve security when users access corporate content.

And the company wants to get users to authenticate in a system of custom tabs. This is instead of a WebView, making the experience faster for employees and allowing service providers to access more phone security information.

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Google makes it easier to separate your work and personal life

Android 12 adds a new profile type, called Clone, which can support cloning of apps across devices running Android 12 and above.

With the new Clone profile, users are able to run three instances of the same application simultaneously.

The company also recently extended support for the Work Profile tool across Android to include Android Auto. This allows access to work applications directly from the Android Auto dashboard without having to reach the phones.

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