Graphics card disaster at Nvidia & AMD: It’s getting worse and worse for PC gamers

After graphics card prices seemed to calm down a bit in the summer of the year, they have been rising rapidly for a few months now. Both AMD and Nvidia models are currently being offered at exorbitant prices – a bad month for all PC gamers.

Graphics card prices continue to rise

The hardware crisis continues and cares for you further price increase for current graphics card models from Nvidia and AMD. The experts at 3DCenter have observed the sales prices of graphics accelerators again in recent weeks and published their results in a graphic that makes the hearts of PC gamers slide in their pants:

This is how AMD graphics cards are in relation to the RRP twice as expensive sold while Nvidia models 88 percent above the RRP traded. A look at the price trend shows that sales prices have continued to rise over the past few months (source: 3DCenter).

The course of the dashed line, which shows the availability of the individual GPUs, is also worrying. The higher the line, the more graphics cards can actually be bought. The problem: The availability of the current graphics card models seems to have fallen again in the last few weeks, which would also explain the higher selling prices.

And what else happened this week? We summarize the most important messages in the GIGA headlines for you:

When will cheap hardware finally be available again?

Not only AMD and Nvidia are suffering from the current hardware crisis, Microsoft and Sony are also feeling the effects of selling their next-gen consoles. The Xbox Series X and PS5 appeared almost a year ago, but are still not easily available in stores today.

But when will the shortage of chips and co. Finally be overcome? AMD boss Lisa Su expects the supply in summer 2022 at the earliest can keep up with demand. Until then, both consumers and companies must continue to expect delivery bottlenecks.

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