GTA 3: All cheats for PC and mobile phone (Android, iOS)

With the release of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition you can again enter well-known PC cheats, which also apply to the mobile phone versions of Android and iOS. At this point we will show you how you can enter and deactivate cheats and show you all the cheat codes with their key combinations and effects.

Enter & deactivate cheats (PC, Android, iOS)

In GTA 3 you can enter cheats and in the PC version you just have to enter the corresponding cheat words from the lists below in the running game. While you are in the pause or main menu, the cheat entry does not work. A message at the top left of the screen confirms that you have entered the cheat successfully.

In the mobile phone versions for Android and iOS you can display keyboards via keyboard apps or the menu screen and enter the words in this way. Alternatively, you can of course also connect a Bluetooth keyboard and type in the cheats more comfortably.

Important NOTE: Since activated cheats can prevent the unlocking of achievements and successes and the effects of some cheats cannot be undone, you should save your game status before using cheats. If you want to save your game with activated cheats, you should definitely use a separate memory slot.

How can you deactivate cheats? In GTA 3 you can usually deactivate cheats by entering the corresponding cheat words again. However, once activated, two cheats cannot be undone for passers-by! It is all the more important that you save your game before using the cheats.

In the following we list you all cheat codes for the versions on PC and mobile phone (Android, iOS) with their keyboard shortcuts and effects.

Cheats for weapons, money, wanted level etc.

Keyboard shortcut

Full life energy HEALTH Full armor TURTOISE or TORTOISE get $ 250,000 IFIWEREARICHMAN All weapons (Entering again gives you more ammunition for the weapons) GUNSGUNSGUNS Increase wanted level by 2 stars MOREPOLICEPLEASE Search level can be reduced to 0 stars (This cheat has no confirmation message) NASTYLIMBSCHEAT

Cheats for cars & tanks

Keyboard shortcut

Tanks (Rhino) spawn GIVEUSATANK All vehicles in the area explode BANGBANGBANG All vehicles become invisible (only driver and tires remain visible) ANICESETOFWHEELS All vehicles can hover (behave somewhat like the Dodo aircraft) CHITTYCHITTYBB Improved driving behavior (more precise steering, no sliding and no loss of traction) & by honking your car CORNERSLIKEMAD jumps

Cheats for passers-by

Keyboard shortcut

Passers-by attack the person in the immediate vicinity * ITSALLGOINGMAAAD All passers-by attack you * NOBODYLIKESME All passers-by receive weapons WEAPONSFORALL

Important NOTE: Passers-by cheats with the * symbol cannot be undone. Do not save the game with such cheats!

Cheats for the weather

Keyboard shortcut


Cheats for time change

Keyboard shortcut

Increases the game speed (time lapse) TIMEFLIESWHENYOU Slows down the game speed (slow motion) BOOOOORING Accelerates the game time MADWEATHER

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