GTA San Andreas: All cheats for PC and mobile phone (Android, iOS)

With the release of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, you can also enter PC cheats in the revamped version of GTA San Andreas, which also apply to the mobile phone versions of Android and iOS. At this point we will show you how you can enter and deactivate cheats and show you all the cheat codes with their key combinations and effects.

Enter & deactivate cheats (PC, Android, iOS)

In GTA San Andreas you can enter cheats and in the PC version you just have to enter the corresponding cheat words from the lists below in the current game. In contrast to the PC cheats from GTA 3, this even works when you are in the pause menu. A message at the top left of the screen confirms that you have entered the cheat successfully.

In the mobile phone versions for Android and iOS you can display keyboards via keyboard apps or the menu screen and enter the words in this way. Alternatively, you can of course also connect a Bluetooth keyboard and type in the cheats more comfortably.

Important NOTE: Since activated cheats can prevent the unlocking of achievements and successes and your crime rating drops when using cheats, you should save your game status before using cheats. If you want to save your game with activated cheats, you should definitely use a separate memory slot. The use of cheat codes, however, still allows 100% completion of the game.

How can you deactivate cheats? In GTA San Andreas you can usually deactivate cheats by entering the corresponding cheat words again. However, once activated, some cheats cannot be undone for passers-by! It is all the more important that you save your game before using the cheats.

In the following we list you all cheat codes of GTA San Andreas for the versions on PC and mobile phone (Android, iOS) with their keyboard shortcuts and effects.

All cheats for GTA San Andreas (PC, iOS, Android)

Keyboard shortcut

250,000 $, full armor & full life energy (if you are sitting in a car, this will also be repaired) HESOYAM Almost invincible (only explosions, fall damage, drowning or being run over can kill you) BAGUVIX suicide GOODBYECRUELWORLD weapon package # 1 (brass knuckles, baseball bat, 9mm, shotgun, Micro MP5, AK47, rifle, rocket launcher, Molotows, spray can) LXGIWYL weapon package # 2 (knife, Desert Eagle, sawed-off shotgun, Tec-9, M4, sniper, flamethrower, grenades, fire extinguisher) PROFESSIONALSKIT weapon package # 3 (chainsaw , silenced 9mm, SPAZ shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper, heat-seeking rocket launcher, explosive charges) UZUMYMW get parachute AIYPWZQP You get the hitman level for all weapons PROFESSIONALKILLER Infinite ammunition for all weapons FULLCLIP adrenaline mode increases (time is slowed down ) ANOSEONGLASS Infinite oxygen (you can no longer drown) CVWKXAM No more hunger (without losing weight and muscle mass) AEDUWNV Skinny CJ (muscles and weight are set to the lowest value) KVGYZQK Thicker CJ (weight is set to the highest value) BTCDBCB Muscular CJ (muscles are set to the highest value) BUFFMEUP Reduce wanted level to 0 stars TURNDOWNTHEHEAT Increase wanted level by 2 stars TURNUPTHEHEAT Increase wanted level to 6 stars BRINGITON wanted level remains at 0 stars, no matter what you do AEZAKMI All your vehicle skills are maximized (driving, flying, motorcycle, bicycle) NATURAL TALENT Your endurance level is set to the highest value VKYPQCF Your sex appeal is increased to set the highest value HELLOLADIES your respect will be set to the highest value WORSHIPME super blow for CJ and passers-by (one blow kills opponents and they blow up) IAVENJQ super jump (10 times as high as normal, but watch out for fall damage) KANGAROO beach party ( Passers-by become bikini girls, beach buggies are everywhere and CJ gets shorts and Sanda len missed) LIFESABEACH clown party (CJ wears red hair and joke glasses, passers-by are being replaced by fast food workers, and ice cream vans are popping up more frequently) CRAZYTOWN ninja party (CJ is given a katana, passers-by are being replaced by Asians with katanas, and more motorbikes and blacks Cars appear on the streets) NINJATOWN sex party (CJ is given a latex outfit and puts on prostitutes, passers-by are replaced by pimps and prostitutes with sex toys) BEKKNQV redneck party (CJ is given a farmer’s outfit, passers-by are replaced by hillbillys and trucks and pickups drive everywhere around) FVTMNBZ Elvis is alive (passers-by are replaced by Elvis Presley-doppelganger) BLUESUEDESHOES chaos mode (passers-by run amok and walking around with TVs and other objects, houses are on fire) STATEOFEMERGENCY All passers-by attack you * BAGOWPG All passers-by take you with you Arms to * BGLUAWML All passers-by receive arms FOOOXFT P Assanten attack the person in the immediate vicinity * AJLOJYQY Passers-by can be recruited as gang members and carry 9mm pistols SJMAHPE Passers-by can be recruited as gang members and carry AK-47 assault rifles BMTPWHR Passers-by can be recruited as gang members and carry rocket launchers ROCKETMAYHEM Everywhere gangs (members of all gangs can appear anywhere on the map and passers-by are also replaced by gangsters) ONLYHOMIESALLOWED Gangs control the city (no police or civilians in gangways) BIFBUZZ Slows down the game speed (slow motion) (Can be compensated with the time lapse cheat) SLOWITDOWN Increases the game speed (Time lapse) (Can be compensated for with the slow motion cheat) SPEEDITUP Improved driving behavior (more precise steering, no slipping and no loss of traction) & your vehicle jumps with the horn STICKLIKEGLUE All vehicles get a nitro boost SPEEDFREAK vehicles can float ( Low gravity) CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG balloon vehicles (collisions with vehicles, they fly high in the air) BUBBLECARS All vehicles become invisible (only driver and tires remain visible) WHEELSONLYPLEASE All cars on the streets turn black IOWDLAC All cars on the streets turn pink LLQPFBN sports cars everywhere (normal traffic is being replaced with turismos, hotknifes and banshees, for example) EVERYONEISRICH junk cars everywhere (normal traffic is being replaced with ordinary cars) EVERYONEISPOOR drivers are becoming more aggressive YLTEICZ Reduced traffic (no passers-by and only rarely a car on the streets) GHOSTTOWN All traffic lights are on green ZEIIVG Improved drive-by (you can aim and shoot accurately from inside the car) OUIQDMW Super Bunny Hop (you can jump much higher than normal with BMX bikes) CJPHONEHOME Indestructible Cars (Every vehicle you use is indestructible and destroys others Vehicles in contact) JCNRUAD All vehicles Explode in the area CPKTNWT Boats may float (Low Gravity) FLYINGFISH Bloodring Banger (Destruction) spawn OLDSPEEDDEMON Caddy (golf cart) spawn RZHSUEW Dozer (bulldozer) spawn ITSALLBULL Hotring Racer # 1 (Nascar) Spawn VPJTQaw (Nascar) Spawn VROCascarPOKEY Hotring 2 Hunter (attack helicopter) spawn OHDUDE Hydra (fighter jet) spawn JUMPJET jetpack spawn ROCKETMAN Monster Truck spawn MONSTERMASH Quad bike spawn FOURWHEELFUN Rancher (SUV) spawn JQNTDMH tank (Rhino) spawn AIWPRTON Hearse (hearse-funnel) spawn stretch limousine STALUSEBR FLYINGTOSTUNT tanker (truck with tanker) spawn AMOMHRER Trashmaster (garbage truck) spawn TRUEGRIME Vortex (hovercraft) KGGGDKP clear weather PLEASANTLYWARM sunny weather TOODAMNHOT cloudy weather ALNSFMNHOT cloudy weather ALNSFMOHNZO accelerates the time CULXISUMER WATER SCORNZO foggy weather CFVFGMJ at 9:00 p.m. (If CJ is arrested or dies, she stops at 9:00 a.m.) OFVIAC Freezes the time at 12:00 p.m. (If CJ is arrested or dies, she stops at 12:00 p.m.) NIGHTPROWLER

* These cheats cannot be reversed. So don’t save the game with such cheats!

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