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GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition: The file size of the PS5 version is known

As of today it is known how much storage space the “GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition” will take up on the PlayStation 5. The file size is quite a bit smaller than on the Xbox Series X / S.

The “Grand Theft Auto” trilogy, which is composed of three classics in a revised form, will appear next week. We are talking about “GTA III”, “GTA Vice City” and “GTA San Andreas”.

We learned today how much storage space the PS5 versions will take up individually. Because once again the person behind the Twitter profile “PlayStation Game Size” announced the file sizes in advance.

The smallest offshoot is logically “GTA III” from 2001, which cannot keep up with its successors in terms of scope. The pioneering open world game took up exactly 5,293 gigabytes on the PS5. You can find out how the developers at Sony Interactive Entertainment perceived the release at that time here. PS Now subscribers can get the title by the way download it a month later.

The successor “GTA Vice City” published in 2003 is around twice as large with a file size of 10.7 gigabytes. The extensive “GTA San Andreas” clearly tops that again and is at the top with 22.7 gigabytes. Compared to its predecessors, instead of just one city, players can make the fictional state of San Andreas unsafe, which is made up of three cities and two landscapes.

Taken together, that makes one File size of 38.74 gigabytes. A possible Day One patch could increase this number a little. This means that significantly less storage space is required than is the case on the Xbox Series X / S. 49 gigabytes of storage space must be kept free there.

The improvements include greatly improved graphics, modernized controls and a few platform-specific options. You can find out more in the article linked below:

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You can download the trilogy on November 9th, two days before the official release. The available platforms include the PS5, the PS4, the Xbox consoles, the Nintendo Switch and the PC.


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