Guardiola in favor of the vaccine against COVID-19 and expressed his opinion about the players who do not want to wear it

The coach is having a great time with Manchester City.

The coach is having a great time with Manchester City.


Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, was positioned in favor of the use of the vaccine to combat COVID and assured that trust the doctors and scientists.

The Spanish coach was asked about the decision of some players not to be vaccinated and their opinion on the matter.

“It is a private matter. I have my own opinion. I trust the doctors and the scientists. They say it is the best way to protect people. Both I and my family have done it “.

“The doctors will talk to the players individually and decide. In England we have seen how many people have died and how many are still suffering. You have to move forward, wear masks and get vaccinated for the good of the people, “he added.

City will face Belgian Brugge on Tuesday away from home and Guardiola praised his rival, who was already able to get something positive against Paris Saint Germain.

“They are a very physical team that knows what to do.. They have a lot of quality on top. Right now we have four games to play with twelve points ahead to qualify for the second round. That is the objective ”.

Guardiola also announced that he has not yet decided whether Ederson and Gabriel Jesús, who flew directly to Belgium after their matches with Brazil, will play this Tuesday.

I am sure they are well, because they have been able to rest. They will train with us and tomorrow night we will see how they are ”, said the Spanish coach.

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