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Twitter’s Spaces feature is a direct competitor to the popular ClubHouse app for a while.

Twitter paid much attention to the Spaces feature, and provided it with many advantages that made it a strong competitor to the Clubhouse platform.

The feature has now reached most users on Twitter, after it was an experimental feature that appeared to a few users of the platform.

Using the Spaces feature on Twitter

You can access and use the feature via the Twitter mobile app or website.

If you do not see the feature in the application, you need to update the Twitter application to be in the latest version of it.

You can access it through the site without updating it or installing any add-ons.

But you can only talk in Spaces through the smartphone app, where you can’t talk through the site.

Any user can enter any open room and participate in it as he wishes, but the matter is different in the case of rooms with tickets, where you need to buy a ticket to be able to enter and participate in the rooms with tickets.

Twitter offers rooms with tickets as a way for content creators and room owners to earn money through this feature and encourage them to use it.

Any user with more than 600 followers can host and create a room, but private or protected account holders cannot start rooms.

You can add speakers to your room or host assistants, and rooms have a maximum of 13 hosting assistants and speakers.

The host assistant can speak and invite others to become speakers, remove participants, and control the room by name and other things.

However, they cannot add new host assistants, as this feature remains exclusive to the original room host.

You can also use the rooms with tickets feature if you host at least three rooms in 30 days, have more than 1,000 followers and use iPhones.

How to start hosting rooms

Twitter Spaces rooms are no different from the usual tweets, and you can start using them directly by clicking on the new Tweet tag at the bottom of the screen.

And then choose to create a Spaces room, and if you do not have the necessary conditions to create the room, this button will not appear for you.

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