Halle Berry reveals trailer for Bruised, her first MMA-themed directorial film


Halle berry revealed the first trailer for Bruised, the film that will debut on November 24 on Netflix. The story is focused on a former star of the UFC that is in a bad phase. With a son who returns to her life unexpectedly, she decides to make a return.

Bruised is the debut of Halle berry as a director, and the first feature film sold by the screenwriter Michelle Rosenfarb. Hollywood is known for his poor treatment of writers, this gives another plus and impression with Berry placing Rosenfarb opposite, see in promotional and production material.

The initial drafts of the script featured a young boxer from Ireland based on Boston. Instead of looking for a new writer to adjust the script to suit Berry, the winner of the Oscar collaborated with Rosenford, and UFC, to develop the new script and place an older woman who is an artist of the MMA that lives in New York. Rosenfarb and Berry interviewed several fighters from the MMA to better understand the role of a helpless heroine.

Produced by Thunder Road Pictures, the company behind the saga of John Wick, Bruised Profited as one of the best effects teams in the business, with stellar specialists. Valentina shevchenko, who praised the work of Berry in the past, I have also sought to bring authenticity to the film. While the first trailer focuses on the drama, it will be interesting to see if it brings the promised action like any themed movie in theaters. MMA.

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