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Heart attacks, terrifying moments and shedding tears

Football is full of many wonderful moments on the “green rectangle”, especially with the excitement and spectacle that characterizes it and makes it the “first popular game in the world”. But at the same time, the “round witch” may reveal her other face at some point, turning that excitement and enthusiasm into an atmosphere of sadness, pain and tears. Those terrifying moments experienced by the fans and fans of the round during this year, after the heart attacks that suddenly struck a group of players in the stadiums, some of whom put an end to his football career and others put an end to their lives. This year, many players fell victim to unexpected heart attacks and problems in different stadiums around the world, which terrified the fans and increased their fear of losing other players, after the famous incident of Moroccan Abdelhak Al-Nouri, the Dutch Amsterdam player, who suffered a heart attack during his participation in one of the matches. With the club, and unable to recover so far.
Christian Eriksen, the Danish national team playmaker, was the first victim of a heart attack this year, after he fell unconscious on the ground, in the 43rd minute of the match against Finland, on June 12, which was held on the grounds of the “Parken” stadium, in the framework of the first round of the group competitions. The second for the European Nations Cup “Euro 2020”.
A heart rate disorder almost claimed the life of the Italian Inter Milan player, which prompted the doctors to perform surgery to install a pacemaker for the 29-year-old player, but the problems did not end here, as analysts and specialists went to believe that the Danish star is required to choose between his life and football. Argentine Sergio Aguero responded to the doctors’ request after heart problems he suffered during his Barcelona match against Deportivo Alaves in the Spanish League, as he decided to retire from football early, despite recently joining the Barcelona team.
According to press reports, the arrhythmia shown by the medical tests forced Sergio Aguero to end his football career, which saddened the football world with this decision. It is impossible for him to continue playing the game because it poses a threat to his health and may lose his life on the court.
On the other hand, Sofiane Lokar, defender of Mouloudia Saida Al-Jazaery, died Saturday, December 25, in a match that brought his team to the Oran Association in the tenth week of the Algerian Football League Second Division at the “Habib Bouakl” stadium in the Oran governorate, west of the Algerian capital, after suffering a heart attack during the course of the match. , which left a great shock in Algeria and re-talked about the necessity of providing the necessary medical capabilities for the clubs in order to confront emergency situations.
The death of Sofiane Locar left a strong shock among his colleagues in the Mouloudia Happy Club and the players of the Oran Association, and the referee decided to stop the match, and the players of the two teams collapsed in tears as soon as they heard the news, especially since Locar was one of the beloved and reputable players, as he has a strong relationship with everyone, Note that he is the captain of the MC team.
Heart attacks continued to kidnap players’ lives in the stadiums, as Christopher Mopolo, the former player of the French team Bastia, who last year wore a local team shirt, died at the age of 30 due to a heart attack while participating in a football match with his friends. He also died. Last week, Muscat club player Mukhallad Al-Raqadi during the warm-up process before the start of his match against Al-Suwaiq Club in the local league competitions. Omani media reports indicated that Al-Raqadi suffered a severe heart attack during his team’s warm-up training, which led to his death.

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