HMC provides comprehensive medical care to 700 children with cerebral palsy

Doha: The Pediatrics Rehabilitation department at Hamad Medical Corporation’s Qatar Rehabilitation Institute (QRI) organized a series of awareness events to help educate school teachers about children with cerebral palsy.

HMC’s Pediatrics Rehabilitation Department received 50 new cases of children with cerebral palsy in 2021 and provides treatment to over 700 patients.

A cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect different parts of the brain and affects the movement and sensation of the affected child. Most children born with CP do not show symptoms for months or a year after birth.

Early intervention and therapy are important in ensuring children with cerebral palsy reach their full potential and provide their families with the information needed to make informed decisions about their child’s medical care.

Dr Salem advised pregnant mothers to observe the movement and growth of their unborn child and report any abnormal signs to their doctor. Dr Salem noted that early detection and medical intervention are essential for managing the condition and better treatment outcomes for children with disabilities.

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