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Honor of Kings – World: Tencent announces a new action RPG based on the mobile hit

With “Honor of Kings: World”, Tencent Games and TiMi Studio Group are developing a new open-world action role-playing game based on one of the most successful games of all time.

Honor of Kings - World: Tencent announces a new action role-playing game based on the mobile hit - first trailer

The Chinese publisher Tencent Games and the developer studio TiMi Studio Group have launched a new open-world action role-playing game called “Honor of Kings: World” announced. The new title is based on the successful mobile game “Honor of Kings” and is to be published worldwide for several platforms. However, those responsible have neither specified specific platforms nor a rough publication period.

With the help of a well-known writer

However, it has been announced that it is entering into a collaboration with science fiction writer Liu Cixin. Liu Cixin is best known for “The Three Suns” and the resulting Trisolaris trilogy. With its unique perception of Chinese culture and aesthetics, it should make “Honor of Kings: World” a special adventure.

The “Honor of Kings” template originally appeared in November 2015 for iOS and Android in China and offered players competitive battles. According to the developers, it was also the first game in the world to reach 100 million daily active users. To date, it is one of the most financially successful games of all time.

So that you can already get an impression of “Honor of Kings: World”, those responsible have also provided a first trailer. We’ll let you know as soon as more information about the action RPG is revealed. Until then, you can at least keep the title in mind.

Source: Gematsu

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