Horizon creators sign up for a new multiplayer project

In the past, the “Killzone” and “Horizon” makers of Guerrilla Games were repeatedly associated with an unannounced multiplayer project. The Dutch studio seems to be looking for new staff for this.

Guerilla Games: Horizon creators sign up for a new multiplayer project

In the past few months we have received repeated reports that the Dutch studio Guerrilla Games is currently not only working on the completion of the action role-playing game “Horizon: Forbidden West”.

In addition, Guerrilla Games has been linked to a previously unannounced multiplayer project. Further evidence of this reached us at the end of the week. A job advertisement was discovered on the official website of the “Killzone” and “Horizon” makers, with which Guerrilla Games is looking for new staff. As part of the job advertisement, reference is again made to a possible online project of the studio.

An official announcement is still pending

As can be seen from the aforementioned job advertisement, Guerrilla Games is looking for experienced staff for in-house quality assurance, who ideally have experience with online, GaaS or live service elements. Similar job advertisements have appeared several times in the past on the Dutch website. What Guerrilla Games is working on in addition to “Horizon: Forbidden West” is still unclear.

On the subject: Guerrilla Games: Studio has been working on unannounced games since 2018

Recently rumors made the rounds about one cooperative online title in the world of “Horizon” the talk was. However, the relevant reports have not yet been officially confirmed. And we can assume that there will be talk of new projects from Guerrilla Games after the release of “Horizon: Forbidden West” next year.

Source: Guerrilla Games

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