Huawei: A strange headset is supposed to combine VR and AR

Huawei wants to combine augmented and virtual reality. A patent has now been assigned to this, in which a bizarre-looking headset is described. Hopefully this is not the final design.

Huawei: VR-AR headset with dual mode planned

If the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has its way, then it can Connect augmented reality with virtual reality. Depending on the situation, one of the two modes should take over the field of vision and either enrich reality with digital information or let the owner slide into virtual realities. The product described in the patent is officially called “Dual Mode Headset” (source: IT Home via Huawei Central).

Huawei envisions the headset with a head mount, a main frame and a swivel frame. The latter consists of a holder for “an electronic device with a display” and a reflective plate for the content displayed on the screen. The mechanism looks unique. A first picture already shows the design, which takes getting used to. It is to be hoped that the look is still being worked on. The VR-AR headset will certainly not come onto the market in this form.

Officially, Huawei still has did not say anything about the “dual mode headset”. As always, the same applies here that a patent does not necessarily have to result in a finished product. VR glasses themselves are no longer new territory for Huawei.

HTC recently drew attention to itself with new VR glasses. Details in Video:

Huawei VR Glass: second generation on the march

Apart from the special headset, Huawei is continuing to work on VR glasses. After some delay, the second generation of the Huawei VR Glass appear. The VR glasses with gaming functions were announced back in October 2020. The new version has a similar design to its predecessor, but has two cameras on the top.

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