Huawei and Nokia are relaunching another Android smartphone

Despite the US ban, Huawei occasionally brings new smartphones onto the market that run with the Android operating system. But recently the Chinese company started to revive old cell phones under new brands together with Nokia. That was not a one-off action, because another model follows.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro will soon appear as a “TD Tech” smartphone

Huawei launched the Mate 40 Pro last year (for testing). It is a high-end smartphone, but the Google apps are missing due to the US ban. Accordingly, the device has sold poorly in Europe. But now the smartphone is Another life given under a new name. The Mate 40 Pro is being re-launched under the “TD Tech” brand. A 5G modem is used here, which is missing in newer models (source: ITHome).

The TD Tech N8 Pro with 5G modem only recently appeared. It is a copy of the Huawei Nova 8 Pro. Google apps are not on it. It is therefore very surprising why Huawei is suddenly releasing its old smartphones under a new brand. Technically, the new smartphone is again identical to the original. The only thing missing is the Huawei and Leica logos.

Behind “TD Tech” is one Joint venture between Huawei and Nokia, which was founded in 2005. At Nokia, however, the part that is known for network components and not the company that currently brings Nokia cell phones onto the market. HMD Global is now responsible for this.

in the Video you can take a look at the original from Huawei:

Are the “TD Tech” smartphones from Huawei coming to Germany?

We wouldn’t assume. Huawei also sells its smartphones in this country and is unsuccessful. The “TD Tech” models are technically the same and nobody knows the brand. You also don’t get any Google apps or services. So there is absolutely no point in selling this one.

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