iCloud data recovery

iCloud provides one of the best cloud storage and data recovery services for Apple device users, because it allows you to store a lot of data.

And you can restore the data stored in iCloud through any device you use to feel that you have not left the device since the beginning and did not need to use any new device.

The data that is stored in the iCloud platform includes all data and files related to your phone or various Apple devices that you use.

And that is if the space available in the platform allows you to store all these files and data, where you can store the usual photos and files in addition to the data of applications, contacts, and the Apple calendar as well.

You can purchase additional storage space to benefit from the platform’s services, and Apple offers additional services to subscribers to the platform.

The company launched iCloud+, which provides you with new security solutions to protect you while using the Internet, such as Private Rely and other services.

Steps to recover data via iCloud

You can use the automatic synchronization between your phone and the platform if you are using an iPhone, as you will not need to download any additional application.

All you need to do is enter your account details and allow the phone to access your sync selections via the service.

You can also access the data and files stored on it by going to, and then searching for the files you need.

Through this service, you can store files as you wish, access contacts, calendar events, and applications that you have installed through its site.

The service site also works across all systems and devices that you can use, as you can use the site with Android or Windows.

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More platform features

Apple has added a new set of features to the platform with its newly introduced new iOS 15 update, and new features include iCloud Plus subscription.

This subscription offers a set of additional features for regular subscribers, as you get a set of security services with it.

Private Rely is one of the most important security services that you can use with an iCloud subscription, and it hides your email from different websites.

The service allows you to add a variety of users to your account with an iCloud family subscription.

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