Illegal cannabis farms force Oregon emergency declaration

In Oregon, the production, consumption, sale and recreational use of marijuana has been legalized since 2014.

In Oregon, the production, use, sale and recreational use of marijuana has been legalized since 2014.

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County Jackson, in southern Oregon, claims to be so overwhelmed by the proliferation of illegal farms of marijuana that declared a state of emergency and is requesting the help of the governor and state legislature.

For the Board of County Commissioners it is a “imminent threat to public health and safety of our citizens due to the illegal production of cannabis in our county ”.

He added that both the police and local regulatory authorities and infraction inspectors have been overwhelmed.

The drought in the west of the country has exacerbated this problem, which persists in the west. This is because illegal growers steal water from farmers and residents in general.

Request for help

The commissioners sent a letter to Governor Kate Brown; the President of the State Senate, Peter Cortney; and the president of the local House of Representatives, Tina Kotek, to whom they “earnestly requested their assistance to face this emergency”.

He too Josephine County It has suffered from these problems, since those who are in charge of illegal crops extract water from streams and even from the subsoil. Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel believes that territory is invaded by hundreds of illegal farms.

Although recreational production, sale and consumption is legalized in Oregon of marijuana since 2014, among those who grow and process it there are people outside the law, who evade taxes and state regulations.

With information from The Associated Press.

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