In Qatar, NMoQ and Texas A&M present a virtual gas engineering program

Doha: A virtual one-week summer course exploring the oil and natural gas sector in Qatar was provided to high school students in Qatar by Texas A&M University at Qatar.

A program called “All About Science: Exploring Petroleum and Gas Engineering” was created by the National Museum of Qatar in cooperation with Texas A&M at Qatar. Students learnt about the history of oil development in Qatar, midstream and natural gas, petrophysics, fluid characteristics, measuring rock properties, drilling technologies, and production through a series of interesting lectures and debates.

Participants were given virtual tours and experiments at Texas A&M in Qatar. The students also attended a virtual tour which showed the early days of the oil industry and its impact on Qatari society. There was also an art session that emphasises the importance of STEM learning.

At the end of the programme, a comparison exercise was tasked to the students, which was to research the energy consumption, imports and exports of different countries and compare them to Qatar. Through this exercise, students demonstrated their understanding of the topics covered throughout the course.

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