Ashghal has completed major work at Umm Al Seneem Health Center

Doha: Ashghal has completed the main works at the Umm Al Seneem Health Center, which accommodates 600 patients a day in 40 medical clinics, according to the Public Works Authority (Ashghal).

This facility occupies 27,600 square meters. It includes several annexe buildings including a Masjid, support services building, guards building, supervisory workers room, MEP maintenance centre, ambulance garage and 297 parking spaces.

While ensuring compliance with international building standards for fire protection, and a 3-star building sustainability rating, the design also considers the heritage and culture of the area.

As part of the state’s support for local goods, about 40% of the project will be made up of local goods. This includes iron, steel, electrical and mechanical tools, and glass, among others.

The upcoming health centres will be designed in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety, including Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) standards.

The Main Building provides the following services:

Ground Floor
– Pharmacy (medical provisions, stores, and 6 distribution points)
– General Clinics (14 clinical rooms)
– Women’s Wellness Clinics (general clinic rooms, 2 maternity clinic rooms, 2 healthy baby clinic rooms, and one ultrasound room)
– Outpatient clinics (2 observation rooms capable for 6 patients, 2 treatment rooms for 4 patients, 2 blood sampling rooms, 3 biometrics rooms, isolation room)
– Radiology department (X-ray room, mammogram room, panoramic room, ultrasound room)
– Women’s prayer room
– Cafeteria

First Floor
– Specialty clinics (2 ophthalmology, 2 audiology rooms, dermatology clinic, ENT clinic)
– Dental clinics (8 clinics)
– Lab
– Prenatal training room
– Nutrition awareness room
– Multipurpose hall
– General services
– Fitness centre attached with physiotherapy, changing rooms and showers for men and women
– Restrooms and lockers for men and women workers
– Meeting room and library
– Cafeteria

A total of six new health projects were completed by Ashghal in 2018, including the construction of five new health centres, which operate on a daily capacity of about 3500 visitors each, and the building of the National Health Laboratories—bringing the total project value to one billion Qatari riyals.

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